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3D Printing



Workers unite! 3D printing rolls out

With direct digital 3D manufacturing, the masses now own the means of production from concept to distribution. You’re the factory owner, worker and consumer. Website Gadgets, games, jewelry, lamps, and tools are available as “print-on-demand” goods.

  •  Upload designs and download products at sites like Shapeways, Sculpteo, Ponoko, and i.materialise. Make an iPhone case for $20, a mug for $37 and a mini moon for $34, or tools and parts as big as 3 square feet.
  • Now designers, engineers, inventors--and anyone--can buy, sell and make stuff. Skyfall producers printed a small replica of a James Bond’s Aston Martin to blow-up in the film.
  • MakerBot’s store in NYC will convert 2D to 3D images of yourself in its 3D photo booth, promoting its Replicator2 desktop 3D printers (selling for $2200).
  • The “3D printing pen” called 3Doodler lets artists and makers draw with plastic to create objects in the air. Available in October, WobbleWorks posted it on Kickstarter for just a $75 preorder. It’s a big hit and brings 3D into your hands, literally.

The President’s State of the Union called a new network of 3D hubs “the next revolution in manufacturing”—launched without a revolt. When 3D printers come to Staples, what will you create?


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