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Posted by: buzztone   |   3/19/2013   |  

No More Water Damage


‘Scotchgard’ your smartphone

A dazzling display of fancy TVs, bendy phones, robot doctors, and smart watches created a buzz at the CES 2013 show.

One standout, DryWired, impressed anyone who’s dunked their smartphone in the toilet. That would be 1 in 5 people. For everyone who has ever feared giving their electronics a bath—no worries. Now your mobile devices can withstand coffee and beer spills, Super-storm Sandy, and your kitchen sink.

DryWired is a water-resistant nano-coating that protects gadgets from rain and oil. Invisible and non-toxic, this cutting-edge technology can be applied to electronics, footwear, gear, textiles, and perhaps just about anything.

Watch DryWired devices take a sinking and keep on ticking.



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