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One trend that never goes out of style is improving your ranking in search. With the growing importance of social search, maximizing your search effort should be near the top of your to-do list in 2013. 

Here are 10 tips to get you started:

1)  To get additional conversion volume at low CPAs beyond search and re-marketing, I recommend Keyword Contextual Targeting. KCT helps performance advertisers reach users who have not visited the site but may be reading reviews, news or comments about the product category that your client is in. 

2)  For additional web metrics, insights into search, merchandising and out-of-the-box funnels, add the free (if you currently advertise with Yahoo) Yahoo Analytics code to your website. Visit http://web.analytics.yahoo.com.

3)  Check your pixel integration with Google Analytics monthly. Google often updates the Google Analytics code and some changes may break your current reporting or customizations.

4)  Simon Says...Update your Google re-marketing pixel in 2013. The new re-marketing code from Google is a universal pixel that allows you to change the tags within Adwords. The dog days of creating a custom Google Re-marketing pixel for each page are over.  

5)  Avoid the Google pending review "Fiscal Cliff." First, modify your Adwords copy and site links in a new Ad Group and/or creative. Submit the new copy to Google a week before you need them live, then pause or delete old creative after your new campaign is approved.  

6)  One of the Googlebot's pet peeves are URLs with too many parameters. Two or less is typically safe.  

7)  This tip is TOP SECRET. Apparently only Buzztone, Laurie Champagne and 007 know what this tip is. Follow me @elchampagne.

8)  Got SEO writer's block? Be specific: page titles should be about the individual page, not the website in general. Work on building relationships with your design team and the words will flow!

9)  Follow the Leader. If you have a spare testing budget for Paid Search each month, Google is testing Facebook-style square mini display ads in Gmail. If you can't beat em...

10) The top 2 site links in Adwords are what appear on mobile phones. Test copy such as "Free Shipping," Store Locators and Promotions in the first two out of 10 Adwords site links. Your customers will get the most relevant site links at their fingertips.



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