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Posted by: buzztone   |   4/30/2013   |  

Social Selling, Responsibly



Emerging and established companies are focusing more and more on transparency and access to information for their clients and consumers. Corporate social responsibility is quickly becoming the norm, and, we are proud to say, we’ve represented a few companies, including Projecct 7, who follow the trend.

When Gregg Renfrew began to question the safety of the cosmetic and household products she used, she found an opportunity to bring this transparency to the beauty industry. Renfrew’s curiosity and research inspired her to create Beautycounter - a cosmetic company with an impressively strict selection process for what goes into the products we use every day.

The company’s mission is to educate consumers about environmental and personal safety, to provide healthy, appealing alternatives to standard beauty products and to spread the word by social selling. Great products, great mission and a fresh approach to this multi-billion dollar industry make Beautycounter a company and corporate model to watch.


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