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Posted by: buzztone   |   1/4/2013   |  

Vox Populi



Back in the old days (2010), if you didn’t have personal wealth or friends and family who wanted to kick in for an idea that VCs would back, you couldn’t get your business off the ground.

The  explosion of crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and indiegogo make it relatively easy to launch successful start-up ventures and pet projects alike. Crowdsourcing is more than a business accelerator: in 2013 it will lead to the democratrization of creativity. With sites like Creative Allies (40,000+ creators on their platform) growing at an enormous rate, brands will incorporate the wisdom of the crowd in everything from new product development and design to packaging and advertising.

Crowdsourcing is an innovative and transformative form of marketing. While the 20% will actively create, the 80% will increase their brand engagement and loyalty through choosing products, voting on favorite logo designs, booking movies in theaters and brainstormimg solutions once confined to the “ivory tower.”


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