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Our Co-Founder, Lucy Dahl, lost her best friend, Beth Alexander, to breast cancer in October 2012.

The day before she passed away, Beth told Lucy something amazingly profound - She said, “I’m ready to go, I’m actually looking forward to seeing everyone on the other side.”

And then she saddened- “But I have one regret. I wish I had not been so serious about life, I wish I had had more fun and enjoyed everything and everyone more. It’s over now, and I don’t have any more days left. Promise me, please promise me, that you will start having fun, laughing more, loving more and enjoying every day. The “to do” lists can wait - and from where I am right now, they don’t even matter. What matters is life, laughter and happy memories.”

I promised her that I would.

Beth passed away the next day.

Since that day, we have embraced, laughed, challenged and created memorable moments that have impacted, affected and altered our lives as well as many others...  We hope you will COME PLAY with us and let yourself be WHEELIE affected also.