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Posted by: EMC   |   1/14/2013   |  

A Birth Story from a Doulas Perspective

A Birth Story from a Doula's Perspective


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Dear Matthew,
This is the story of your birth, from my perspective as your parents doula:
Contractions started early Friday morning, about 1:30am. After a bit your mommy woke your daddy up and then called me around 3am. I was so excited to hear you were on your way! I told your mommy to try to sleep as much as possible to save her energy and to call me when she wanted me to come. Around 4:45am your mommy called me back. She had some bloddy show and was too uncomfortable to sleep – every time she did get comfortable, a contraction would start. I packed up my stuff and started for your house.
I arrived about 6am. Desty barked when I knocked on the door which woke up your daddy. Your mommy was doing a great job coping with the contractions. She learned on the birth ball, or got on her hands and knees while using deep relaxed breathing. I rubbed her back a little bit and hooked up the TENS unit for her to use. We relaxed in the living room watching the news and patiently waiting for you.
Your mommy made some peanut butter toast (but only ate a few bites of it) and then laid on her side on the couch with a heating pad and your daddy rubbed her feet for a bit to try to rest. At about 8:30am she got up to use the bathroom. There was some more bloody show, which was a great sign that things were progressing. She was still coping great with contractions – but then things started to change.
I could hear her crying a little in the bathroom and she started to doubt if she could keep going. She then started making grunting sounds and I asked through the door if things were okay. She said her water had broke! It was 8:40am. She felt like she had to poop (the grunting was her pushing!) and things were starting to burn. She was sitting on the toilet with her eyes closed and didn’t want to move. At this point I knew we had to get to the hospital NOW! I held her face in my hands and told her to open her eyes. I said “Christy. We need to get in the car now!” She agreed and quickly got up. Your daddy helped her into the car and I told him to drive fast!
We sped down the road to the hospital. I parked my car and ran to the front to meet your parents. Your daddy dropped your mommy off and went to park the car while I walked her to the birthing center. She had a contraction on the way and was grunting again, which I knew was pushing. I hollered for a wheelchair and we got her into labor room 1 at about 9:05am. Your daddy came in right as the nurses were trying to get information into the computer and call the midwife. Your heartbeat and everything looked great!
The midwife came in about 9:15am and checked your mommy. Your head was right there! Your mommy was doing so great at working with her body to push you out. In just a few more contractions you were born at 9:34am weighing 8lbs 12oz and measuring 20 ½ inches long! You were pink and beautiful, completely healthy, alert and strong!
Your mommy held you skin to skin while you “talked” and “sang” to all of us. You were so vocal, but not really crying. I was amazed! You latched on after a bit and started to nurse. After your mommy was all cleaned up, the nurse gave you your bath and then your whole family was moved over to a postpartum room.
Matthew, your beautiful birth was surronded by love and joy – I was honored to have been a part of it. May that love and joy continue to surrond you all the days of your life!
Your Doula,Jen