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Posted by: Wendy Rowe   |   4/28/2011   |   Nevada

A Journey Through Childbirth Part 2

To continue with my journey.... As the contractions strengthened, my husband started to fill the birthing pool with warm water. (I will not kid you for a minute, the contractions were VERY painful). By the time my midwife and doula arrived, the pool was ready and waiting. I cannot express how incredible the sensation was as I stepped into the water. It was soothing and healing. The pain was still there, but it had lessened tremendously. I laid in the pool while my husband, midwife and doula were all there for support and guidance. I used a small boogey-board to lean my arm and head on as it floated in the water. At one point, my midwife asked me if I had the urge to push. I was very unsure. She suggested I bear down during the next contraction. That was an amazing moment. I beared down and felt the incredible feeling that I was going to birth this baby. It was overwhelming. I labored from Saturday afternoon until the glorious moment on Sunday morning around 9 am. I pushed and pushed through each and every contraction. I had been in the water so long at that point, my midwife suggested that I come out of the pool for a few contractions. As I stood up and stepped out of the water with the help of my husband's arms, I felt I had a 100lb weight in my belly. The water had so eased the pressure and so eased the weight my belly carried. I squatted outside the pool and beared down for a few contractions. It was not fun. I was relieved to get back into my warm wet haven. After a series of pushes, my newborn son was raised out of the water by my very hands. It was a moment I will never forget. Baby in momma's arms, attached to each other closer than they will ever be again... at least physically, that is. My midwife cut the cord and took my son in her arms. My husband, again, raised me out of the pool and we headed to our bed. My midwife and her assistant ( I forgot to mention!) carried our Julian Tala into the bedroom behind us. She handed Julian to me and I put him to my breast. He latched on and that started an unforgettable journey of breastfeeding we shared so intimately together. Then, my midwife said we would weigh Julian. I cannot describe the laughter in the room when she declared,


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