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Posted by: Wendy Rowe   |   4/28/2011   |   Nevada

A Journey Through Childbirth

My name is Wendy and I have a loving husband named Sean. We have been married for 11yrs. I got pregnant in Dec 1999 and decided to have a waterbirth at home. My sister had her first homebirth by that time after a difficult hospital birth prior to that. and had paved the way for me. I am eternally grateful for her knowledge and exposure to natural childbirth. I learned of the power of water during the childbirth experience. I knew it was the way for me and baby. During my pregnancy, I was guided by a wonderful midwife named Leslie Stewart. I cannot say enough about her and her gentle support throughout my pregnancy. By having been exposed to the world of natural birth, I was able to avoid needless ultrasounds and unnecessary intervention. I learned of the pitfalls of the typical American hospital birth. Needless uses of petossin that make the contractions so much more powerful and very difficult to work through. Thus, the extensive use of epidurals which slow down the birth process and increase the need for cesareans. I wish more women knew the risks of inducing labor. What it is saying to the woman's body is, we don't trust that you can birth, have little to no respect for the process of birth that is intimate to each and every woman. It is a personal journey that needs no intervention. (Note: if there IS an actual emergency that comes up, these measures may need to be taken. I am not trying to sound like a homebirth


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