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Posted by: Rev Paul Swadling, Connexional Secretary Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga   |   5/24/2012   |   Australia


The Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga is encouraging its members to sign the pledge. Most people in Tonga do not have access to the internet. How do they add their names to the list of those who have signed?

Tonga has a low (though still unacceptable) incidence of maternal deaths in childbirth, mostly in home births. On 4 May the final phase of the development & refurbishment of Vaiola Hospital was commissioned. This contains a modern, well equipped ante natal unit. The Church is encouraging women in Tonga to attend health clinics for check ups when they are pregnant and to have their babies delivered in the health facilities provided.

While Tonga's incidence of deaths in childbirth might be relatively low, there is an awareness here of much higher statistics in other countries. With its own mothers in mind, and those from other countries, the Free Wesleyan Church is encouraging its people to sign your pledge. The question we have is How?

May God bless your efforts on behalf of all mothers.

By the way, I'm an Australian living in Tonga but your web site doesn't allow me to put Tonga down as a location.


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