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Posted by: Amy White   |   5/24/2013   |   New York

A Tale of Three Deliveries (Amy White)

My husband I have three fabulous children (daughter 7, son 5, and son 1). All 3 pregnancies were easy, and all ended with a unique, scary finish. I was induced with my daughter b/c my amniotic fluid was low. Following a 47-hour labor and a fever of 105+, I delivered her after 1 hour of pushing. I was also induced with my first son. Going into delivery, the doctors knew I had an extra placental lobe and that it must be delivered. I delivered him and most of the placenta. I reminded the doctors of the extra lobe and was assured it had been delivered. 6 weeks after I was home (still breastfeeding), I started hemorrhaging profusely. I ended up in the ER where they told me I had probably started menstruating again. I knew this was not the case, but again thought I had delivered the extra lobe. A week later I started hemorrhaging significantly again such that I passed out and was rushed to the ER where the doctors had no explanation.  I was put on a contraction medicine and the following week upon examination, the doctor said she couldn't see my cervix. After extracting the blockage and testing it, it was determined to be the extra placental lobe. Finally, my youngest. I was induced again, this time for fear of his size. I delivered him after only 11 hours of labor, but things weren't right.  I was hemorrhaging much more than normal, and the doctor didn't know why. I began to feel sick and told my husband he had to take the baby from me. The anesthesiologist rushed in to get my blood pressure up, but nothing worked. I was rushed to the ER where I looked at the nurse and asked if I could close my eyes, wanting reassurance I would open them again. She only said I could close my eyes. Next, I felt pressure on my throat (being intubated), and then hours later, after five units of blood and one unit of plasma, I woke up in ICU. My uterus had inverted, and after receiving nitroglycerin, it relaxed and my doctor put it back in place. I am forever grateful. XOXO


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