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Posted by: Michele   |   5/8/2012   |   Illinois

Accident to Purpose

When my mother was 42, she became pregnant with me, her fourth child. An accident, I grew up knowing that I wanted to be a mother. I overcame infertility after 7 years of impatiently waiting. And 8 years ago I gave birth to my precious daughter. My pregnancy was highly risky, as I had placenta previa. But I had excellent health care resources and wonderful doctors. Most importantly, when I was placed on bed rest for the final 6 weeks of my pregnancy, my Mother dropped everything in her life to take care of me. Tomorrow my mother turns 90 years old. Every Mother's Day, I thank her, my husband, and family and friends who supported my journey. I am so grateful to be a mother and the daughter of a wonderful, strong, beautiful Mother.


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