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Posted by: Sophie   |   11/2/2012   |  

Adrians Birth Story

So having had 3 of my own children and having had inductions with all 3 and having been a gestational surrogate and delivering twins via C-Section, I really wanted my final birth experience of my 4th child to be different from the others. I didnt want to spend hours in a bed hooked up to IV's and have needles poked into my spine. As it turned out, I went into labor naturally at home and was able to comfortably move around my own surroundings and take baths to ease the disscomfort. After hours, I decided I had enough and wanted to go into the hospital. I assumed that it would be as before and they would start pitocin. Well, it didnt turn out that way. I was only 2 cm dialated and they sent me home! I couldnt believe it! It was so hard to get a baby-sitter on a school night at 2 am and I was upset to have to go home. The next day was on and off contractions. Towards the evening, things picked up again while the kids were all tucked in their beds. I was determined to make it until morning so I wouldnt have to inconvience my neighbor once again in the middle of the night. I climbed into my bath tub and dont really know how much time had passed. Riding the waves pain in a almost out of body state. My husband opened the bathroom door and found me there clutching the side of the tub. He watched me for a while very carefully clocking my contractions which were now 4 minutes apart. He got the 3 kids up and over to our neighbors once again and loaded me into the car. I dont remember much during the drive. By the time we made it to labor and delivery, I was eager to get in and get an epidural which I was begging for at this point. I decided natural delivery was over rated. I was done. After she checked me and informed me I was only 4 cm dialated, my water suddenly broke and it was like a train was running through my body. Things picked up so fast and I couldnt control the sounds escaping my lips. The nurse seemed to sense the urgency and I was rushed into the delivery room where I continued to plead for my epidural. As soon as my bed was wheeled into the room, I felt the baby starting to make her way out and began to cry out that I didnt want to do this and the baby was coming out..to the nurses surprise, the baby was right there. She' kept telling me to blow and I kept right on insisting I wasnt going to do this without my epidural......15 minutes after walking through the hospital doors, I gave birth naturally to my 3rd daughter and 4th child. As afraid as I was, it was such a gift to be able to experience a delivery with almost no intervention. Such an incredible rush to feel intense fear and pain only to be replaced with love, awe and satisfaction.


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