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Posted by: EMC   |   11/7/2012   |  

Ashlynns Birth Story

Ashlynn's Birth Story


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Ashlynn was "due" on 4/20/2012. She had been playing some jokes on us and had some practice runs making mommy think she was really coming the weeks before.
The morning of 4/18/2012 9am I had some pains in my stomach that I thought were gas pains. I texted Jerusha Welborn and Alex to let them know, and I was going to start timing them and see if they became more intense. Once I started timing them, I realized they were the real thing. 3 minutes apart and lasting about 30-45 seconds. They got to the point that I couldn't concentrate on anything else but the rushes.
I called Logan (our doula) and woke him up about 9:55am to let him know my rushes were regular and I thought him and Jerusha should start heading over. I also texted Alex to come home from work even though I still didn't believe this was the real thing.
As soon as Alex got home, they got so intense I couldn't do anything but rock and let him hold me during them.
Logan and Jerusha showed up like the cavalry about 20 mins later. We sat and talked (I couldn't sit at this point! lol) and then decided after another 3-4 rushes that we should get the pool set up.
Logan and I went downstairs, and Logan set up the pool while I tried to joke as usual. Jerusha came down and held me and rocked me while I had some rushes, and I felt so supported and glad to have them here.
I got into the pool about 10:30 and it felt so amazing to be in there. Alex came down to check on me and ended up falling asleep on our bed right next to the pool. It relaxed me more that he was so relaxed that he could sleep. Like he knew nothing was going to go wrong.
Jerusha and Logan busied themselves getting my birth affirmations hung up on my wall so I could see them and getting the Rainbow Relaxation music on the ipod so I could relax.
After a while, Logan turned the hot water back on so we could fill the pool up some more, and at that point we realized my water had broken in the pool. This was the point that it got really intense for me.
Every rush after my water broke was so intense I just closed my eyes, hung on the side of the pool with my upper arms and groaned. I felt that making noise made it easier for me to deal with the intensity of the rushes. I held Alex's hand during a few, but ended up just rocking myself back and forth.
Logan turned on the Rainbow relaxation, and the next 4 rushes or so, I remember telling Logan and Alex that I couldn't handle this, it was too much, and even crying. I wasn't in any pain, but I felt like everything was so out of control and it scared me a bit. It was very reassuring to have them both tell me I was already doing it, and I was amazing.
The rushes after this were the most intense/amazing sensation ever. I felt the need to bear down with each one, and I pushed with every fiber of my being. I felt her head slide out, and I said "Oh my gosh, there is her head!" Logan got behind me (I was on my knees) and caught her as she was born. We situated so I could hold her. She was blue when she was born and it took her a little bit to get breathing on her own, so Alex called the paramedics.
Logan helped me out of the pool and Ashlynn and I sat on the side of my bed when they came. 6 paramedics packed themselves into my tiny bedroom to check on Ashlynn and myself. I felt amazing and euphoric having just did this by myself. They checked her breathing and cut her cord. They offered transport to the hospital for us since I hadn't delivered the placenta, but I declined. I knew it was going to come out on it's own.
Jerusha made me some tea and kept feeding me chocolate to help with the placenta. Logan did some light massage on my belly to help as well. An hour and 20 mins or so after Ashlynn was born, the placenta came out whole and with no complications. We waited for a bit to make sure I wasn't bleeding too much, and Logan and Jerusha helped me get Ashlynn dressed and I got to get into the shower.
Later on that evening, we buried the placenta in the backyard.
My birth was so amazing, I can't believe I did it. It still feels like a dream until I see my beautiful baby. I am so glad that we decided to have her at home, and I would do it again.