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Posted by: Haley Gillispie   |   5/4/2011   |   Tennessee

Beautiful experience becomes lifes work

This story begins on February 13, 2003. On that date my Father turned 50, and I learned I was 7 weeks pregnant... I was a 21 year old college junior when I became pregnant. I was unmarried, but not scared. My family accepted my pregnancy, they were actually very excited!!! My pregnancy was uneventful, kind of boring really. So, at 37.3 weeks gestation on October 6, 2003 I delivered a very healthy 10 pound baby boy. I named him after my Father, Thom... My birth experience was absolutely perfect. There were zero complications! The whole labor process was much easier than I has anticipated. After 6 hours and 4 pushes my beautiful boy was here! As my baby was whisked off to the nursery to be examined by the pediatrician I was left with my thoughts... I wondered if all birth experiences were as beautiful as mine. Being a realistic person I knew that they probably were not. This thought stayed with me during my 48 hour stay at the hospital, and by the time I was discharged I had decided that more than anything I wanted to become an obstetrics nurse so I could play a role in giving women the same beautiful experience that I had. Now, seven years later I am doing just that!!! I am a labor and delivery nurse. I get to help women everyday!!! Next to being a mother it is the most rewarding thing I have ever done! The birth of my wonderful child defined me.


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