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Posted by: Lakshmi   |   5/7/2011   |   California

Because I love her

I love my mom. I love her for the brave woman she is. When giving birth to me, she had many complications. Her BP fell terribly low and she almost died. The hospital that treated her was under-equipped and didn't even have blood to give her when she needed it the most. She was slipping away.But she fought it.She fought it for me, she fought it for herself. She's the bravest woman I know. Today, I'm thankful for her fight. I'm thankful that she made it. I'm thankful for giving me the gift that is life and being with me every step of the way. I wouldn't know life without her. She's absolutely amazing!I hope that nobody has to face the problems she faced in child delivery. I hope every hospital takes enough care and has enough equipment to make child birth an easy process. Because people should live. And also because no mom should die.They're just too plain awesome for that.Happy Mother's Day, Amma. For being here with me, and for everything you are....i really really really love you. Thanks for everything.


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