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Posted by: EMC   |   11/16/2012   |  

Charlies birth story

My first birth was a nightmare. I was poorly prepared and educated. I'd planned to have a home birth, but after 12 hours I had a panic attack and ended up being blue lighted to hospital for an epidural and flat on my back delivery. It was horrendous. I tore badly and, I can see from hindsight this caused this, I suffered pnd.

My second birth was so very different, magical even. I planned a hospital birth after the last disaster. Had a strict, written birth plan. I went to my local midwife led maternity unit and spent hours walking the corridors. I managed my entire labour with my tens machine (it now has a shrine).

When I finally entered active labour, I was in a birth pool with dimmed lights. There was only my partner, two midwives and myself present. I delivered her. It was magical.

There was a natural third stage. I will never forget the midwife team who assisted me that night. I have amazing memories thanks to them.


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