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Posted by: EMC   |   11/16/2012   |  

Coleys birth story

Coley's birth story


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I had been told for so long by so many that labor would last close to 24 hours with my first and I had my heart set on a natural birth. Because of these things I followed my doctors orders to a tee and when I went into labor around 2am I just hung out at home and used the breathing techniques we had learned. My hubby was supposed to be headed to his masters program around 645 and we had discussed him just going and I would call him when I thought it was necessary. At about 630 labor intensified and I told him maybe we should reconsider. He decided to stay home and boy am I happy he did.
My dr said to call when I had been having contractions I could hardly stand for an hour and when it had been about 45 min I looked at my hubby and said I wanted to push. He called the dr and he told us to head in. We sped to the hospital and when we arrived I couldn't sit on the wheelchair because our little ones head was right there. I rode up backwards on all fours and after walking into the room the drs told me the only thing stopping her from coming was my bag of water. After being in the hospital for 18 min I leaned down and pulled my sweet one out by the shoulders. The dr didn't even make it. He got pulled over trying to make it in time!!
All of the drs and nurses told me that for number two they r making me come to the hospital a week before my due date!!!