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Posted by: Ricardo Hahn   |   5/8/2011   |   California

Educational and technical toolkit for perinatal support in the field

We were just about to submit a proposal to the Grand Challenges program of the Gates Foundation to prevent maternal/newborn death in the third world. Then we saw Sunday Morning.We have been working on the issue for some time and have developed some very simple and effective tools and learning modules applicable to use by lay individuals to help with dystocia and postpartum hemorrhage in the field.We have taken parts of the ALSO (Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics) course supported by the American Academy of Family Physicians and added some easily manufactured inexpensive technical tools to try to train birth assistants to deal with the ISSUE.We have a project that serves as our testing ground in Shirati, Tanzania, but the concept needs an international boost without the delay inherent in grant funding and pocedural inefficiency.I am a Family Physician at USC (Univ of Southern California)with 35 years experience in Obstetrics.I teach high risk obstetrics and also develop biomedical instruments at th Alfred E. Mann Institute for Biomedical Engineering (AMI).Maternity care is a topic for instrument development that I have experience in.Normally we would do the academic thing and patent, publish, and commercialize these ideas.However our group of physicians, engineers, and researchers believe this might be moved into field use faster through a movement like yours.We are a Working Group of Academic Clinical practices,AMI,LANet(a practice based network focused on health disparities, PBRN's)and inner city training programs (Residency Programs in Family Medicine)If there is interest on your part to pursue this please feel free to contact me.

Ricardo G Hahn MD MSProfessorAMI USCrghahn@usc.edu323-395-8724


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