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Posted by: Sophie   |   11/1/2012   |  

Emys Birth Story

After a 7 year struggle with infertility, my husband and I welcomed our daughter Ana into the world. Twenty three months later, our daughter Emy was born. After experiencing a natural, unmedicated hospital-birth with Ana, I was convinced I wanted everything to happen the same way. I was one week and a day past my due date when my doctor scheduled my induction for the following Monday. This was not how I thought it would happen! Ana was 2 days late when my water broke and I went into labor a couple hours later. So, I tried many of the silly wives tales to kickstart labor but I declined my Dr.'s offer to do a membrane sweep at my last prenatal appointment. I really wanted Emy to be born when she was good and ready.

My contractions were 2 minutes apart late on Saturday night when I was admitted into the hospital. I was up all night, then my labor stalled around 7 in the morning. My Dr. came in at 1pm and we decided together that he would break my water to try to get my contractions going again but it didn't happen. My doctor ordered a pitocin drip. I was afraid the pitocin would make the pain unbearable. I agreed to a low dosage of 3ml per hour and as long as it was working I asked them not to increase the dosage. My contractions began and were manageable. After a while every wave of pain felt like I was being shot in the back. That's what they call back labor, it was agony. At 8pm I told my husband I felt like I needed to push so he called in a nurse and she said I was only 8cm dilated and had a little further to go. An hour later I used the call button and told them to send in my doctor. He said I could start pushing but it could be a while since I was still only at 8cm. He had another patient in labor to check on & said he'd be back. I asked him not to leave but he did anyway. I pushed 2 times and Emy was crowning. My doctor came back (8 minutes after I told him not to leave). I pushed once and delivered her head and pushed again and she was here! The cord was around her neck twice and I heard my doctor exclaim "Amazing"! Emy cried out & I felt fantastic! No episiotomy, no pain management drugs! I did it with the loving encouragement of Daddy. Emy was born on July 1, 2012 at 926 pm.


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