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Posted by: L mathenge   |   3/5/2012   |   Pennsylvania

Fetal Demise Alert

Thanks for all the difference you are making world wide. While the story I should tell is about positive impact on maternal health care, I would like to bring to your attention that, just recently, a woman very personal to me lost her over due baby that died in utero in Kenya. What is troubling is, After her due date, her doctor told her to return home and report back in 10 days once she starts to have labour pain. She told the OB doctor that that would not be necessary since she was ready for c-section as she had had one that was successful in her previous pregnancy over 6 years ago.She actually had that c-section done three weeks before the estimated date of delivery.However, even with this information, the doctor still insisted that she returns as he suggested,and further told her that they wait out for a


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