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Posted by: Lori Haddad Fusco   |   8/31/2011   |   New York

Finally someone gave this a name

At 38 I gave birth to my second child. A 7 lb 10 oz perfect baby boy. I was induced both times and both deliveries were quite easy and uneventful. Then, 4 hours after giving birth while in the recovery room, not feeling very well I sat up and out came massive blood clots the size of steak. Within minutes I was taken to the emergency room. I too almost died. Unlike Christy, my placenta had come out. The cause of my trauma was a hole in my uterus thought to have been made (possibly) by someone examining me pre delivery.. I have never heard of anyone having this before and didn't know it was as common as it is. Postpartum hemorrhage can happen in several ways. I'm very grateful to Christy for creating a conversation about this.. BRAVO!!


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