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Posted by: Katie G.   |   5/5/2011   |   South Dakota

I am One of the Lucky Ones

I am One of the Lucky Ones


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Emme was born via c-section. I got a quick glimpse of her and then quickly fell asleep. I woke to the doctor pushing down on my stomach. The doctors and nurses’ spoke of how much blood was coming out and that my BP was around 60/30. They were measuring my blood loss (I lost 2/3 of my blood). After 2 hrs of work, they took me into surgery and had to do a hysterectomy. Not a day goes by when I don’t thank my AMAZING medical team. Because of them I am here to hold my daughter's hand, to rock my son to sleep, to snuggle up to my husband and discuss our future. A future that almost didn't involve me. So what happens to the women who DON'T have access to medical care? I think about those women often. Because EVERY mother deserves a chance.