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Posted by: Jennifer Jake Ibarra   |   6/27/2012   |   California

I didnt know this happened in America until it happend to me

I was born and raised in the states & a 4th generation San Francisco Native. I had three healthy babies, three normal pregnancies & when I decided to have another child with my husband. In the Fall of 2010 found ourselves expecting twins! Everyone I know believes this myth once you get to 12 weeks you are fine. Things can't go wrong after 12 weeks. I was very wrong to think that. For the first 19 weeks everything with my pregnancy was great, my daughters were thriving, growing, & I felt terrific. I was working & working out & preparing to raise five children. I had a sonogram at 19 weeks & a standard OB appointment. I was told things were fantastic - couldn't look better. That was a lie. They detected low-lying placenta in my sonogram & failed to tell me. One week later I was in hospital and told the worst possible news - I was dialeted and had a small funneling of twin


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