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Posted by: Sop   |   11/2/2012   |  

Lilys Birth Story

It's been a few days, but I finally have a few to sit and get this down!Labor started at 2:30 am on 4/12 - I was woken up by contractions that I timed to be 7.5 min apart. I was laying on the couch timing them out when Lindsay came into the living room because she was having bad dreams at 3am. I asked her to go tell daddy to come out to the living room, and then she could sleep in our bed.Brendan came out, and I told him things are starting - he got confused because he just woke up then realized I meant labor. I told him to go back to bed and get as much sleep as possible and I would wake him up when I needed him.

At this point I went on the computer, watched some TV (Quantum Leap was what I chose to watch... what the what?), took a shower, listened to my rainbow relax and kept timing things. I noticed around 4:15 the contractions were down to 5 apart, 4:45 4 apart... at 5:45 I called my midwives and they told me to slowly start migrating toward the hospital, but no rush because my labor with Lin was so long - I reminded them that I had a medicated labor at that time just to play it safe.

At about 6 or 6:15 my MIL arrived to take care of Lin and we headed off to the hospital. I was keeping steady at 4 min, but I was able to relax through the contractions still. We arrived at the hospital at 6:45 or so. They came in and monitored me and gave me my first internal - 1 cm and high. So they told me to either go home or go out to the lobby and walk around. This was about 7:00 or 7:15.

I had no interest in driving home, so to the waiting area we went... I was getting increasingly uncomfortable and walking hurt... so I sat on one couch, walked over to the one that was not in the sun and sat there for a bit... nothing terribly exciting, but at 9 am, I was pretty sure my water broke.

I went to the bathroom, and there was a bunch of bloody show and major wetness... I was still doubting myself, so back to the shady couch I went. I had a few more contractions where I felt fluid escaping, so I knew that my water had broken for sure. At this point, I really couldn't relax through the contractions anymore and started moaning.

At this point - 9:30 - we went back into L&D, got checked in again and back to the exam room. They hooked me up to the monitors and I was having contractions that would be one really intense one followed by one less intense one really close then there would be about three min in between... during the really intense ones I could feel my body lock up.

I got my second internal, and I was 3cm and they confirmed that my water had in fact broken and they admitted me. Brendan and I discussed me getting an epidural because I was getting so tense during the contractions no matter how I tried to breathe through them. We decided that this would be the best way to avoid further issues for me.

We went to the L&D room after waiting about an hour and they were in to do my epidural by 11am. I have to admit, I was really nervous about getting it after the issues I had with Lindsay, but am really glad I chose to do it. I was still able to feel things, move my feet and my legs, but the pain was gone.

Around 2 pm I fell asleep - I had only slept for about two and a half hours so I really needed the sleep. At 3:30, I woke up right when the midwife was coming in to check me out because the contractions had slowed to about 5 min apart. They did an internal, and I was 9 cm with a slight lip, so we knew party time was on it's way!

Then we sat. And waited. around 4:30 I felt transition starting... I went very quiet and just breathed through the contractions, using all the stuff I learned in hypnobirthing even though I was not having a hypnobirth.

At about 5:20 the staff said that they were going to have me try to push because my heart rate and the baby's heart rate were going up, and they were nervous about infection. I wasn't quite where I needed to be to push the baby out, so they had me push the baby into position and out... I pushed for 40 min total and out came Lily Jane!

They were nervous that she would have to go to NICU for a few, but they determined that she didn't need to, and we were able to go to our room... While we were waiting to be transferred, she nursed for the better part of an hour, and has been nursing like a champ since.


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