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Posted by: donna sousa   |   5/8/2011   |   Minnesota

Link for help with www.embracingtheworld.org

There is an organization doing significant work called Embracing the World at same name website. It was begun by spiritual teacher Amma (www.amritapuri.org) who is also known among other names as 'Mother'. I had heard of her, but just happened upon her website today which was linked to a chiropractor who does mission trips at her Ashram in India. I just saw your documentary film this afternoon and was very moved. She is an incredibly compassionate spiritual teacher and has been involved in prayerful efforts for healing oand generating donation of funds to relief efforts, education and medical assistance to impoverished countries, including disaster relief in the United States under President Clinton. She is a well-known compassionate teacher and powerful force for love and prayer. Your goals in helping mothers have safe labor are right in line with what she is working towards in working for education, equality of men and women, and other amazing humanitarian efforts. Thank you for your work.


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