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Posted by: Mary   |   5/12/2012   |   Massachusetts


I have three healthy children, 26, 20 and 19 yrs old. 9 pregnancies, 2 preterm births, 24 weeks, he died and 29 weeks and he is well. My Mom had 9 pregnancies to have 4 healthy babies. After doing my family tree I discovered my great grandmother died the year her 7th child was born. It looks like the women in my family have not had an easy road to motherhood. I am a labor and delivery nurse. I have witnessed the miracle of birth many times. I have also held the hand and wiped the tears of a mother who has lost her child. I have seen women with complications of pregnancy and delivery that has taken their ability to have more children. I have seen complications that cause life long disabilities and some have lost their life. As a nurse who knows everything that can go wrong in pregnancy and delivery I am still amazed that I see so many healthy, happy Mom's and babies. It is a miracle I have witnessed for 25 years. When I tell someone that I am a nurse in labor and delivery, they think my job must be so much fun. I tell them it is, but when things go wrong, it is hell on earth. My job is tough. A labor nurse must be intelligent, physically strong, funny, compassionate, caring , multitask and be the one every complains to and few remember to thank. I have been kicked, slapped, grabbed, bitten, vomited on, peed on, pooped on and covered in blood, amniotic fluid and meconium. I have been screamed at and sworn at by patients, families and doctors. On many shifts there is no lunch, no break and you don't leave on time. You work nights, weekends and holidays. Despite all of it, I LOVE my job. When you see the joy of a mother holding her baby it makes it all worth it. God Bless everyone who is a mother. I have asked my children for no cards, gifts, breakfast or dinner. I have asked that they donate to The March of Dimes or to organizations for maternal health. I will participate in No Mothers Day. I am disappearing for the day.


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