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Posted by: Megan Fox   |   8/22/2012   |   Michigan

Luckiest Mom of 4!

After the delivery of my first child, a boy, I had a retained placenta. The doctor was alternately sewing up my episiotomy and pulling out my placenta piece by piece. It went on for well over an hour, while I felt everything. I felt like my insides were being torn out. I was told there was blood and little pieces of placenta all over the bed and the floor. I was told I was losing a lot of blood and the doctor was very close to bringing me into surgery. After my next three children were born I was always very nervous about delivering the placenta. Luckily, I never had that problem again and the placenta was able to be delivered without a hitch after all three deliveries. At the time of my first son being born I did not realize how serious it was and if I had been somewhere with little to no medical care I most likely would have died. This is something that can be so preventable and all women across the world deserve proper medical care.


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