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Muraddan--Transport is critical



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Muraddan - PakistanYar Muhammad Samejo Educational Society and Development OrganizationMuraddan Bibi - a mother of two - lives in Usta Muhammad in Pakistan's Balochistan province. During her third pregnancy, she felt excessive labor pains and told her husband, Hussain about this critical situation.
Her husband called Fatima Bibi, his sister-in-law, to help Muraddan. Fatima asked Hussain to call the local traditional birth attendant (TBA). The TBA was however attending a marriage ceremony in another village. Hussain requested his neighbor, Mubashir Shah to lend him his bike and went in search of the TBA.
During this time, Fatima Bibi was supporting Muraddan, but Muraddan's condition grew increasingly critical. Her pain was also rapidly increasing. When Fatima Bibi saw Muraddan covered in blood, she started crying for help. Upon hearing this noise, Muraddan's two young children woke up and started crying as well.
Their neighbor came to the house and inquired about the situation. Fatima quickly briefed him and asked him for his help. He immediately approached the landlord and requested him for a tractor. He then took Muraddan to the Civil Hospital in Jacobabad. Due to the long distance and terrible condition of roads, Muraddan Bibi's condition became increasingly serious. During this time, Fatima Bibi consoled Muraddan.
Upon reaching the hospital, the nurse called the senior doctor due to the seriousness of the situation. The doctor told Fatima that they were uncertain if they could save Muraddan's life because she was weak from blood loss. After a lengthy surgery, the doctor and his staff were able to deliver a baby girl. Muraddan was also safe.
Muraddan is very thankful to her neighbor, Mubashir Shah, and her relative, Fatima.
She wants to arrange an ambulance service in her area, as many women have died due to the non-availability of transportation.
Stories of Mothers Saved: This story is one of many collected in an initiative organized jointly by the White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood ® (WRA) and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). WRA members from around the world shared these individual stories of women who have lived to tell their stories - who did not die needlessly in pregnancy or childbirth - due to a key action taken by her, her family, the community, a health worker, a political leader or others. To read more stories and view the Stories of Mothers Saved film click here.