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Posted by: Every Mother Counts   |   10/3/2012   |  

My Baby

|It’s amazing to realize that the need for safe births to save the lives of both the mother and her child is common to all around the world. In my country, I am (Zambia) just one among the many Zambians that try to do their part in advocating for safe motherhood. I am a producer at Zambia’s first private owned TV station. I produced a series of episodes of  a program called "My Baby." In this program my emphasis was on women breaking the silence. I In my interaction with the women in my community and society I have come to realize that most women die at childbirth because of their silence on maternal issues drowned in a society that has myths surrounding childbirth. Many women do not access health information because their communities seem to have all the answers in the form of myths, Sadly, most of these myths seek to explain child birth complications. Most societies or communities have attached social aspects of life to explain medical conditions mostly leading to late intervention

Programs such as "My Baby" believes that no woman should die while giving birth or bringing life and the journey to a healthy delivery begins with the decision to become a mother. With all the efforts being made there have been challenges, The program is currently on recess as we source for funds to keep the show on television. To us this show is beyond our love for our jobs, but our love for the women in our country and the world at large. By the way as producer and presenter of the show I am a mother of 3 beautiful babygirls, all delivered safe and healthy not just because I have the money for a safe delivery, but because I broke my silence and spoke out for help when Ineeded it. So, hope with me to find the resources to put this show back on TV so that through it we can save mothers giving life.

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