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Posted by: Amy White   |   5/4/2011   |   Ohio

My Birthing Story

I believe for every mother-to-be, we envision the day we get to meet our child as one of joy, pain, happiness, and overwhelming thankfulness. And for so many in our country and around the world, that day is one of the best in our life. But for so many more, things go horribly wrong. The birth of my first son was anticipated with no less feverish excitement than any other mother experiences. When my water broke on my due date, things seemed to be going just the way I envisioned. Arriving at the hospital, I was quickly changed, and hooked up to monitors, and prepared to deliver. Until my progress simply stopped. The next 22 hours of labor were exhausting. Fortunately, I live in a county where medicine is readily available to me, so pain was managed effectively. But when it came time to push, things ground to a halt. I pushed for 2 hours. I remember my doctor trying so hard to turn the baby this way and that, until it became very clear that this baby was woefully stuck. It became necessary to perform a c-section, and my beautiful baby boy, 8 lbs, 10 oz. was born with no more complications. He did, however, require a year of physical therapy on his head due to overlapping skull plates caused from delivery. He is now a wonderful, brilliant, happy 5 year old and I am thankful every day for the skill and attention of my doctor and nurses. And I am VERY aware of what could have happened to us both had it not been for the skilled medical care I received. I know that my son and I both would have died without that c-section. He was simply undeliverable. I thank God for my fortune in life, not money, not a fancy house or car, but for the fortune of my children, and for the fortune of being able to give them adequate medical care. Thank you so much for bringing light to this issue. Women and babies across the world, regardless of their lot in life, deserve the very same chance my son and I received. Thank you.


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