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Posted by: Mary Champagne   |   4/25/2011   |  

My Girl

Becoming a mother was a journey for me, a challenge. Suffering from endometriosis, the road to conception was littered with interference and disappointment. The pregnancy, once viable, was high risk and and difficult. The child who couldn't be conceived with ease refused to come on time and labour was induced. The road to motherhood was the first one that felt so out of control in my life, so moved by forces beyond me. When I held my daughter for the first time I was overwhelmed by the magnitude of what we had created. A life. Full of promise and possibility, a person in her own right. Perhaps, one day, a mother herself. Being a mother has defined who I am in so many ways. It is not all that I am, but it is a large part of my identity. It has taught me the best and worst about myself. And that baby? Ya, well, she is eighteen. Motherhood may be waiting in her future and I hope she will be surrounded by such an amazing community of women as Moms4Moms.


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