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Posted by: Christi Adley   |   5/6/2011   |   Virgin Islands

My Miracle

I was told from the age of ten that I would probably never be able to have a child because of my health problems. I got my surprise at age 28 when without even trying-I became pregnant with my beautiful daughter Catelynn. My pregnancy was very difficult and I was taken off work at 28 weeks due to preterm labor. I was placed on complete bedrest until I was finally induced at 37 weeks due to intrauterine growth restriction. Although my delivery was simple, Catelynn was very small and had a rough start. She spent her first 11 days in the NICU struggling to breathe and eat. She is a fighter, though. She is now 11 months old and healthier than ever!! I am so thankful that God has given me my miracle against all odds!


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