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Posted by: Leslie Weiss   |   4/27/2011   |   New York

My Mother...

My mother was born January 26, 1930, in Brooklyn, NY to immigrant German parents. She was poor, as many were in the depression era, yet hopeful and positive about her future. There are so many stories about my mother's life, as she is quite a character, However, one story stands out for me, and in this story, I get a glimpse of my mother's soul. At age 18 my mother went to Florida. She was on a bus when a young pregnant black woman boarded. My mother noticed that she was standing and got up and offered her seat. Immediately the passengers on the bus grew quiet and stared at both this young woman and my mother. My mother tried to get the woman to sit but she refused. The bus driver told my mother to sit down and stop causing trouble. This infuriated her and she told the bus driver what she thought of him as well as every man that was sitting in the bus who refused to give their seat to a pregnant woman. The bus driver told my mother to shut up or he could not be held responsible for her safety and ordered her off the bus. My mother wasn't going without a fight, and a fight is exactly what happened, and from what she says, she fought hard and was literally thrown off the bus, without her purse or belongings. Everything my mother had, every dime she had worked for, was in that purse, but she had no regrets, not one. I would hear this story during times in my life when my mother wanted me to understand the importance of taking a stand, and be willing to fight for it. I hope that this message has been heard by my children as well, and will be handed as a gift to my grandchildren.


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