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Posted by: Antonella   |   4/5/2012   |   New York

My PPH stories

My PPH stories


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I have 4 kids 5yrs and under. My 1st 2 births were normal deliveries. We knew my 3rd baby was going to be a big one. I had a BEAUTIFUL labor and delivery, 5.5hrs of drug free labor and my 9lb 7oz baby boy was out! PERFECT. Then as I was nursing him, I felt gushes of fluid, I lift my sheet and I'm sitting in a pool of blood. I lost 1700ml of blood and needed a transfusion. Soon again I was pregnant with #4. I got to the hospital and she was having decels, I know it would end in CS, I was holding out hope for another vaginal delivery, I didn't get the epidural. Once I hit 6cm, her HR went down and stayed down. I was wheeled in for an emergency CS under general anesthesia where I also hemorrhaged. We were prepared and it wasn't as severe.