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Posted by: Paula Rudnicka   |   5/14/2012   |   Virginia

My Road to Motherhood

I love my children to death and I would not change a single thing if it meant I could not have them in my life. My road to motherhood was not easy. However, I do not even dare to compare my story to those told by women, men, girls, and boys who have lost their mothers, wives, and partners at childbirth. Similarly, I will never compare myself to women who have never had a chance to bear a child, who had to go through draining infertility treatments or multiple miscarriages, or who became disabled while giving birth. I feel extremely privileged and eternally grateful for my life with my boys, and my heart goes out to all the mothers around the world who have suffered from complications or died while giving the most precious gift one can deliver: a human life. You can find my full story at: http://www.smileplaylearn.com/2/post/2012/05/every-mother-counts.html.


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