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Posted by: Mary Anne Pennington   |   2/5/2013   |   Texas

Nascent Collage, Non-profit, Illustrated book project

“Birth stories are more than just a time and place, but a unique beginning.”

Each year on my birthday my mother shares my birth story with me. It was a tough birth for her. It was a bitter cold winter and pneumonia set in my mother’s body. She struggled for breath and decided to go to the hospital. At one point her heart even stopped and the doctors had to resuscitate her. Even after all of the difficulties she tells the story as though she would do it all again just to have me in this world with her. I cherish the story of my beginning and am lucky to have it.

As I got older, I asked my mother if she could write my story down on paper. In 2008 my wish came true. I began thinking about all the stories out there, filled with pain and joy, patience and growth, loss and heartache that have not been shared or written down. Like a folktale, these stories are lost over time.That is how this book project got its start. Well, that and a little push from my friend and now one of my partners in this project, Natalia. We hope to create a book in which parents may write down, give and share their own stories, that can be passed on and cherished.

This has been quite the ongoing project for the past few years, but we are looking forward to developing it this following year. We are still looking for mothers interested in sharing their birth stories, which could possibly be used in our book project. We also plan on having a website for stories that may not make it in the book. If you or someone you know is interested or would like more information about this non-profit book project please feel free to contact us at the following email or through our website. You can drop us a message on Facebook as well!


There are a couple of illustrated stories, including my own, on the website.http://nascentcollage.wordpress.com/


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