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Posted by: Eilidh   |   1/26/2012   |  

One of the lucky ones.

After being induced at 38 weeks due to high blood pressure my beautiful daughter was born after a fast, straightforward labour. Afterwards my placenta did not come away and I started to lose consciousness. My baby was given to my husband while the doctors stabilised me and prep'd me for theatre. I was put under a general anaesthetic and the doctors performed a manual removal. Unfortunately my uterus did not contract and it took the surgeon 2 hours to stop me bleeding. In total I lost 3.6l of blood and required 13 units of transfused blood, plasma and other fluids. My recovery was tough and 9 months on I'm still on iron supplements. However, I count myself as incredibly lucky. Having a fantastic team of doctors, with all the drugs they required on hand means that I am still here today enjoying seeing my daughter grow. All women should have this chance.


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