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Posted by: ErgoBaby   |   10/31/2012   |  

Owens Birth Story

Owen's Birth Story


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I want to share my birth story with the hope that it will encourage someone who is getting ready for their delivery and needs some idea of what it’s going to look like. For me, nothing was normal, which I think might actually be the norm, but hopefully, this will help remind you that no matter how yours turns out, God is in control every step of the way.
After I passed the 40 week mark, I was scheduled to be induced 7 days later at 12 AM. About an hour before we left for the hospital, we got a call that they didn’t have any rooms available (apparently it was a very busy weekend) so they would call us when they were ready for us to come in. We went to bed, expecting to be woken by a phone call. Instead, I was calling my doctor because my water broke. Once we got to the hospital, there were still no rooms, so they stuck us in a triage room and hooked me up to all the monitors and watched my contractions come about every 5 or so minutes. And we watched. And slept. Finally, they moved us to a delivery room at about 5 AM as the sun was coming up. My sister joined us and we settled down to some more waiting.
The night before, I had felt relatively strong contractions, but they were never painful and were hardly even uncomfortable. At the hospital, I still was not dilated at all and I had not progressed the entire night. This was going to take a while. At some point in the morning, I got sick and a contraction came on at the same time. No one was in the room except my sister and my husband, but right then a nurse walked in to do a routine check. She was helping me clean up when she noticed the my baby’s heart rate was gone. She had me roll over and still couldn’t find it. The next thing I know, the room is full of nurses talking, running around and flipping me this way and that. All I kept hearing was “decel” and it started to really scare me. They put an oxygen mask on me when I saw my doctor sit down on the foot of my bed. She was like the eye of a hurricane, so calm while everything else seemed out of control. She told me that we were going to have an emergency c-section and everything will be ok. I could feel God in control of it all. This was the doctor I needed to have in order to feel calm. The normal clinical doctors always put me on edge, so I know that God gave me her for this reason. They threw up the rails on my bed and put Horace in scrubs and ran down the hall to the OR. I’m pretty sure Horace almost got run over, but only because he wouldn’t let go of my hand:)
It was still a bit crazy even in the OR. I’m pretty sure I heard someone say, “where’s Doctor so and so? aren’t they supposed to be here?” Not the best thing to help me relax. But everything slowed down once they found his heart beat. Someone in charge said that it was no longer an emergency, but they still need to get him out. I felt better but still very scared. They did a spinal and went on with the c-section. Horace stood right next to me and watched as Owen appeared, eyes open and curious. He followed Owen into the next room where he cut the cord and watched him get cleaned up. They brought him over to me and I can just remember feeling so overwhelmed and happy to see and hold our baby for the first time.
God provides in every situation and makes His glory shine through in the biggest and smallest ways. I think its easy while pregnant to get caught up in thinking about the delivery and how its going to go, and how you want it to go, but the truth is, no birth plan stands a chance. The important part isn’t how you have the baby, it’s that you have the baby.
Right now, Owen is curled up on my chest, eyes slowly fading closed. He is such a huge part of our lives now and we can hardly remember life before him.
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