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Posted by: Kileen Kapri-Kohn   |   4/28/2011   |   Nevada

Owning your own birth

As a child, I was blessed to be a part of my siblings home births. When it came time to have my own birth child, I entered into birth educated and fearless. There is not an experience on this planet (at least not for me) that can compare with the empowerment that comes from being present at the birth of your own child. The honor at being chosen by your child is humbling. The support from the spirit world (all mothers... human and animals)who were cheering me on and reminding me of my strength and abilities. I feel very strongly that if Mother's took back the ownership of our births and we had a medical community that was not threatened by powerful, knowledgeable women, our post-partum depression would drastically reduce. Our children would be more balanced, as their first introduction into this world would be peaceful, drug-free and with the mother teaching trust of oneself. Natural childbirth is one of the keys to world peace. Love our Moms and the world will learn to love each other.


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