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Posted by: sarah lanzafame   |   11/1/2012   |   Australia

PPROM at 24 weeks

My pregnancy with Scarlett was an unexpected but joyful surprise. It took me three years and fertility treatment to get pregnant with her sister yet here I was with a seven month old and pregnant again!I have several medical conditions including Diabetes and Graves Disease (thyroid condition) that make pregnancy for me high risk. I also have what’s known as an incompetent cervix that means my cervix has to be sewn shut each pregnancy as my cervix begins to shorten and dilate too early (around 20 weeks). Despite all that my pregnancy began well. I had my stitch put in at 14 weeks and it was all going fine. Then at 24 weeks and 2 days I had a bit fluid loss. I honestly thought I had had an accident of the bladder variety but mentioned it to my Ob anyway. Next thing I know I was having an ultrasound and they were telling me my waters had broken. I was admitted to hospital but after a week the baby had fluid back so I was allowed to go home with antibiotics. I continued to leak periodically but the baby’s fluid levels managed to stay just above the minimum safe level. Then at 32 weeks I began to get unwell. I started running a temperature, my belly was tender and I felt horrible. At three o’clock in the morning after no sleep I told my husband I was going to the hospital. I spent two days in hospital having antibiotics and steroids for the baby’s lungs. At 33 weeks exactly I was told it was time to deliver bubs, I was terrified. The Neonatologist came to speak with me and warned me that because my waters first broke at 24 weeks my baby may not have developed lungs properly. They had no way of knowing, we would just have to wait and see. I remember being put to sleep for my C Section crying while the anaesthetist stroked my hand.When I woke up from the anaesthetic they took me to the NICU where I met my baby girl.


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