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Posted by: Elizha   |   5/16/2011   |   Florida

Post-partum Miracle !

I just saw the Christy Turlington documentary preview and I was soo impressed by her story cause I had some similar situation when my daughter was born. I live in Guatemala (just next to El Salvador from where Christy´s mother was born) Im a very healthy person and I had a very healthy pregnancy as well. The day my baby was born, I was luckily on my appointment with the Doctor, so he decided I had to try to have my baby by natural birth and since it didn´t happen, after 8 hours of having a 6cm dilatation, he decided for me to have a C section. Well, I was quite not prepared for what happen later on because on the moment my child was born, the Doctor started rushing with the nurses and so on, because I had ¨uterine atony¨ and had a heavy 4.7 liter bleeding in minutes, reason why he decided to perform a histerectomy at the moment. I call my situation a miracle, because luckily as Christy says, I was in a private hospital, with doctors, etc and the most impostant thing of all was that my daughter was born healthy ! She evidentially is my only child. I still dont know if the histerectomy was necesary, I chose to believe to trust the Doctor and think it was. Im very privileged to have my beautiful daughter healthy and to be alive as well ! Thanks for the opportunity to post.


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