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Posted by: Sophie   |   11/2/2012   |  

Sandras birth story

Sandra's birth story


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It was 4:00 am on April 17th of 2012, I was awoken by a sharp pain in my lower abdomen the pain lasted for about a minute then slowly went away so I just went back to sleep. 15 minutes later I was awoken yet again by the sharp pain it went on till 9:00 am when I finally woke my husband up telling him it really hurt now, he insisted on taking me to the hospital to which I said "no, I can still take it. Plus you have to go to work" So, he did and I was left alone with my 14 month old daughter in an apartment we had just moved in the night before, at 11:00 am the pain would come every 2-3 minutes and would last 1 minute so I called my doctor but they said they couldn’t see me till 1:00 pm I went ahead and posted on facebook what I was going through, which my mother-in-law read and called me right away and said "I'm coming over" when she got to my apartment she said "we're going to the hospital because I'm sure you're in labor" I started packing my babies hospital bag and we headed off to the hospital which we couldn't find for about an hour the contractions were getting unbearable and when we finally got there they told me they'd been expecting me I was checked to see how dilated I was and I was at 3 centimeters an hour later at 2:00 pm I asked for the epidural and they said that they'd give it to me as soon as they finished my paperwork well when they finally got to it at 3:00 pm they were checking to see how dilated I was and they said "7 centimeters" and that it was too late to give me one because it wouldn't ease my pain. 30 minutes passed before the nurse checked again and I was at 9 1Ž2 centimeters dilated! I needed to pee so I told the nurse when I got done peeing the nurse said "I'm just waiting on her to have the urge to push" as soon as I heard I got the urge and I told her, to what she freaked out and said "don't push, I'm gonna check you but I couldn't help myself and started pushing and my water broke a little bit splashed on her arms I told her sorry and I felt a little at peace without any contractions but not even a minute later the urge to push came back and I started pushing yet again. The nurse was almost screaming at me to stop pushing but I couldn't. Nurses started running in the room, my babies head was almost out but I was too exhausted so I stopped pushing and started screaming I couldn't take the pain. The nurse then held my leg and told me my baby was suffocating and I needed to push, I freaked and started pushing again (while screaming in pain that is) and my baby finally came out at 4:29 pm he was crying and I was just SO happy to know that he was okay but a bit purple from his face. He was a healthy baby boy they said.