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Posted by: Ana Maria   |   4/27/2011   |   Florida

Saved by the Baby

Sophia was born with spunk. In less than 2 hours, I gave birth to my gorgeous 8lb 10 oz baby girl. My husband and I were elated to welcome our princess to the family! We already had a boy, Stefano, 2 years older, who was a gem! I was very surprised with how fast she was born and how I felt no pain. It was all too good to be true, until 5 days later, when I knocked on death’s door. It was 2 am Thursday morning. Sophia was whimpering so I got up to take her out of the basinet when I heard a water balloon splash. Although, it wasn’t a water balloon, it was a pool of blood beneath me, on the carpet, my legs, the basinet, the bed...it was all over. And it didn’t stop. I had already been bleeding in bed, while sleeping but didn’t realize until Sophia woke me up. My husband sat up and asked what was that noise. I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t open my mouth. I was in shock! He rushed me to the bathroom where I stood, bleeding to death in the tub. He called the doctor who told me not to worry and to sit on the toilet, I was probably passing a clot. This was not a clot, I told him. It wouldn’t stop, it was everywhere, like a running faucet. My husband yelled in the phone, we were going to the hospital. He called my mom to come quick to stay with the babies. Two minutes later I was being carried out the door by my husband. My mother got there and was in a panic by what she saw - blood on the bed, carpet, floor, walls, down the stairs, all over me, my husband, the baby...like a scene from the movie Carrie. From that moment on I was in and out of conciousness and couldn’t make sense of what was happening to me. Once at the hospital the doctor and nurses worked fast as they realized, this was not good. All I remember from then on is seeing flashing lights, my husbands face in mine, crying, the doctor yelling at the nurses to move faster and a nurse standing over me squeezing two bags of iv fluid at once and my kids - I wanted to see my kids again. Then, I was out.

I was lucky to wake up the next morning. I was in the hospital for another 5 days. Throughout that time I could not make sense of what happened and I cried and cried and cried for what seemed like forever! The thought of my children having to grow up without me was horrifying. That experience was horrifying and to this day I cherish every waking moment I have.

In 1925 my great grandmother died right after giving birth to my grandmother because she hemorraged to death. And my niece just went


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