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Posted by: Joseph A Cipriano, MD, FACOG   |   8/30/2011   |   New Jersey

Severe lack of practicing Obstetricians in the United States, yes the USA


Due to many factors, and no fault of their own, women of all ages in the United States today are NOT receiving the proper healthcare that they deserve.

Mostly as a result of the overbearing tort laws in most states, OBs are forced to stop delivering babies. The system is not working, the more experience a practitioner has, the more likely he or she has a loss history which makes the required medical malpractice insurance just unaffordable. This combined with decreasing reimbursement by insurers just leads to poor healthcare for women who need it the most.

Obstetricians, mostly female physicians, want to deliver babies but are sometimes threatened by personal financial destruction by bad outcomes thou no fault of their own.

Currently sixteen states have


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