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Posted by: Sophie   |   11/2/2012   |  

Sophias Birth Story

Sophia's Birth Story


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Sophia's entrance
Sooo the saying that ignorance is bliss is very relevant for this topic, not knowing what to fully expect pain wise in childbirth is a blessing now being aware of what labor and delivery actually feels like it’s definitely going to play into the decision to have another child. Anyway here is my story…
Adam and I found out we were pregnant in June of 2011 and we were so excited, I remember the day when I took the test and came out of the bathroom smiling knowing I was going to be having a baby soon and Adam knew exactly what I was smiling about. That seems forever ago now but it is an awesome memory.
The first doctor I saw was a male doctor which I wasn't very comfortable with, but I stuck with him for awhile (there’s a lot you have to go through to get a different doctor). I then found out he didn't deliver in water so I decided to change to a new doctor who I knew would and I am so glad I did. Dr. Heinrich is a wonderful physician, she made me feel safe and cared about and I am beyond blessed to have been a patient of hers.
So everything was going well being hella pregnant and just waiting for Baby Sophia to come. The last few Doctor visits I had she said I had extra amniotic fluid than normal and said if my water would break I would know for sure. I laugh at this now because there is no doubt what happened when my water broke.
On Wednesday 3.14 I had a Doctors appointment in the morning and nothing had changed which was kind of upsetting because I was two days passed my due date and I just really wanted to meet Sophia. So we went home with another appointment scheduled for Friday and we would decide then if I would induce on Friday or not. I ran a few errands with a friend and I had decided I would wait until Sunday to induce but little did I know that Sophia wanted to come out soon.
Just a little bit before six pm Adam and I were hanging out and I had just told him I wanted to wait until Sunday to induce. I had sat down on our spare bed and it felt like my water broke a little bit and so I said “I think my water broke” as I was getting up and there was a huge gush and I bolted for the bathroom, it was finally time! I couldn’t help but laugh at my water breaking it was ridiculous!! If I had been anywhere public it would have been exactly like how they portray it in the movies, epic. So Adam and I rushed off to the hospital, we were told to come in right away to make sure Sophia was okay with the change in the amount of fluid. So I was checked out, nothing was new but I was admitted and shown to my room and told to come back in few hours and we’d see if anything new had happened.
After a rough night of contractions but nothing changing Adam and I ended up in the room we loved to hate, where we just sat around waiting with her on the heart monitor, and eventually I was brought into Labor and Delivery, YAY finally made it to the last place I would be before Sophia came!
At around 6 am we started Pitocin because the midwife said my contractions weren't strong or long enough (ha, Adam said my eyes got really big when she said that) and that it would help me progress. This sucked because I think when I was hooked up to the iv that was it, there is no more option of water birth because I didn't get to have one. And my plan, in my head, was to either have a water birth or to have an epidural, so I should have asked for an epidural at this time but I didn't. So, thus began more intense/active labor which I can’t even begin to explain but I can say this, I wouldn't have made it without Adam and the midwife.
I had progressed to 4cm and was told that things were progressing well which was good to hear but hard to understand through all of the pain and I kept asking Adam what about the water birth and eventually was asking very angrily “Where is my epidural!” This is the point where I remember thinking, “I am really doing this, this is really happening, I am going to have a baby with out any pain medicine!!” (the midwife did give me some pain medicine but I don’t remember feeling any kind of relief from them but what do I know this was my first time) and when I realized I wasn't going to get any pain medicine it was really kind of scary.
When I started to feel Sophia crowning or bearing down or whatever, when I felt her starting to come out more I was freaking out because I wasn't getting to follow either of my plans in my head. And I kept thinking, this is really happening right now I can’t change this and I knew that I would have to do it regardless of what kind of pain I was in. The next time I got checked the midwife said that I was 10 cm and she was ready to come out. Everything was prepared for delivery and it felt like my contractions were not as strong, which I remember reading about like the calm before the storm so I knew I was going to meet Sophia soon. My doctor came in to the room all intense from just finishing up a c-section, she told me that my daughter was coming right now! I had to push maybe 5-6 times for maybe 10-15 min, then she was out and crying! I didn't know what to do I wanted to cry, I wanted to laugh, so I just did both which probably sounded pretty funny! My husband cut her cord and when she was put on my chest she stopped crying and just stared at me and that was probably one of the most profound moments I have ever had in my life.
Sophia Renae was born at 9:35 am on March 15th 2012 and our lives have been forever changed. I never knew I could love someone as much as I loved my husband Adam, but now that Sophia is here it’s possible that the human heart and it’s ability to love is something no one will ever be able to put into words.