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Posted by: Jennifer Zea   |   5/6/2011   |   Illinois

Stronger Because Of It!!

Stronger Because Of It!!


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Seventeen days after I gave birth to my son Aiden Caleb,on my birthday to be exact,I hemorrhaged.I was at home,my husband literally had one foot out the front door on his way to work when I screamed for him.This was so intense that by the time I reached the bathroom I had lost so much blood I fainted,waking when the paramedics were taking me into the ambulance on a stretcher.Very long frightening story short,my husband got a hold of a girlfriend to watch Aiden,called my parents to drive in from Michigan,and met me at the hospital in ICU.I received two blood transfusions, and was kept a very close eye on for the next 4 days.I was lucky enough to be in amazing hands with talented doctors,but for those who aren't,I would love to help.