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Posted by: Robin   |   5/8/2011   |   California

Sunday Morning

I am sitting in my living room watching Sunday Morning's episode on Christie Turlington Burns' documentary about maternal health. When her personal story of postpartum hemorrhage brought back my personal memories, I knew I had to contribute. In 1976 I gave birth to my daughter in Washington state. Even though I was in n up-to-date hospital, I nearly lost my life to postpartum hemorrhage. The delivery was so fast I experienced a high vaginal tear that was not immediately apparent to the MD. When I essentially gushed out onto the delivery room floor, I was already on my way out. I had my daughter on my chest just like Christie did on the TV piece and I was blacking out due to blood loss. They took my baby from me and leapt into action. The team saved my life because they had all the right tools and assets at hand. I, like most expectant American women,never considered that I might not survive the birth of my child. I was focused on the health of my baby.If I can help women in the world have a chance to experience safe delivery of their babies, I am ready. My survival has given 35 years with a beautiful, intelligent daughter who I am privileged to have in my life. May my contribution allow other women the same joy I have experienced.


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