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Posted by: Casey   |   5/20/2013   |   Oregon

Thank God for Blessings

I first experienced how quickly life can go from happy to sad the day my nephew was born. My sister had a flawless pregnancy. She had no complications and even her symptoms were mild. The moment she birthed my nephew the doctor knew something was wrong. My sister had to be rushed into the O.R. to stop the hemmoraging. I thought I was going to lose her. Thank God for the access to the drugs and surgery she was provided. The same almost happened to me but not as severe. I just needed some pitocin after delivering my son. To think that both my sister and I would not have made it were it not for the medicine makes me sick to my stomach. Our bodies were meant to make the babies- but not survive to see them. Access to these drugs should be made available to everyone no matter what the situation.


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