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The Birth of Aria Rose

I attanded Hypnobabies classes, and reread my Bradley books as well as all my doula materials. I knew this time I would not be coerced into something for the sake of 'regulations'.

Aria Rose was not even conceived when I started shopping around for VBAC homebirth/waterbirth friendly midwives who would consider delivering twins (I wanted ALL my bases covered just in case b/c twins run on both sides of our families :D)After determining I was not a condidate for the birthing center (VBACs are High-risk insurence wise) I trolled through all my contacts for any midwives who operated semi locally. Out of the multitudes of midwives in Southern Cali, only 3 did VBACs. I talked with each of the three and determined that Del Balgas was the midwife for me. I told her I would call her as soon as I was pregnant, b/c she let me know she only takes 2 clients a month, and gets booked pretty quick.

To Be Continued......Lark just woke screaming in teething pain :(update 1:I discovered I was pregnant in september (around 4 weeks along b/c my periods had been synched with hippiemama8's for months now b/c we spent so much time together) and immediately called Del. We got confirmed as clients, and paid the initial deposit out of pocket b/c our insurence is one of TWO that she cannot bill b/c they have wriitten policy specifically excluding homebirths ANd midwives AT all EVER.I started pregnancy overweight, really heavily, but this time around had terrible morning sickness (with Lark I burped once), I wound up losing about 20lbs (went form a size 20 to a size 12 in 2 months)

Second trimester was a joy though, I started showing at around 8 weeks this time (with Lark I didn't look anyhting other then fat until the 8/9th months when I FINALLY had a belly) I'd been talking to Lark about being a big sister, and as my tummy expanded, she started getting it (as much as a toddler CAN anyways, lol) She would come up to my tummy and kiss it and pat it and talk about Baby Ar-yee-yuh Negs to yoo, yide by yide in dar-yeet (Baby Aria next to you - meaning lark....we're still working on persoinal pronouns- side by side in carseat)Third trimester was mildly annoying, b/c I didn't REALLY have BH so much with Lark but man oh man i DID with Aria. i was worried I'd pop early b/c she was my 2nd, so we were on high alert from april 25th ish (which was interesting b/c my final doula client was due April 30th with her 2nd baby first vbac) b/c I had a ultrasound at 17 weeks to determine when I was due/got pregnant (b/c neither hippiemama8 nor i knew which day our last period was), but had to get a 2nd ultra sound at request of my midwife b/c i was measuring 4-6 weeks ahead starting around 20 weeks and we have twins running in our families a nd the first ultrasound was done by students 9for CHEAP! 10$) learning to use ultrasounds....the instructors were there, but we needed ot make sure i wasn't having twins b/c we'd need another catcher if i was :P Anyways, both ultrasounds proved to show one baby girl. The first ultrasound gave me the EDD of May 26th, the 2nd gave me May 16th.

I was measuring ahead nearly the whole time, but as the countdown started to the 16th I was 42 weeks in fundal height. The 16th came and went with no noticible difference in BH. The 26th showed up and I started contracting closer and a bit differently feeling, more in my lower back and belt-like around my hips and belly. My mom took off the 27th b/c I was having a hard time with Lark and trying to do enough so she'd nap and not be crazy, and contracting. DH had taken off on that Friday the 28th, b/c I nearly lost it with Lark teething and contracting. Twice in the next few days I started contracting hard, but it stopped dead b/c Lark started wailing in massive teething pain, and slamming her fingers in a door.

By this point my doula, midwife and I were colloborating trying to plan 'important things' so Aria would want to come and 'disrupt' our plans :D It didn't work...lol, she was to polite. On the 29th I went on a date with DH, while my midwife went to a paid scrapbooking class and my doula went on a date with HER DH too. Nothing. On the 30th, DH and I took Lark to Knott's, and i helped a friend reorganize her bedroom after moving. Nothing. The 31st we went to a BBQ at my mom's. Nothing.More to come...Lark is screaming again....

Update 3:Now I was 6 days 'post-dated' past the latest EDD. My hubby was still off work, (day 2 out of 10 availible for the years complement of vacationfather's leave days) which was stressing me out, b/c I wanted him to be home when Aria was OUT, not in, but I was so stressed and huge and Lark was so off I needed him home at the time anyways....

We went to Knott's again on Tuesday the 1st, nothing happened with labor though.

Weds the 3rd (7 days overdue) my pangs started again. I was excited beyond belief, b/c I timed them usingwww.contractionmaster.com and they were staying steady! Randy kept Lark out of my hair and happy so I could keep them coming, and I txted my midwife and doula about how I was contracting, but told thme not to come over yet b/c I just felt it wasn't time, and I had been having 'prelabor' for so many days I didn't want people to come over and make me feel pressure to preform which I was worried would stop my contrax.They kept up the whole day relatively steady, between 2-6 minutes apart for about 30 secs each. I went to bed an d kept contracting through the night on and off waking me.I woke on Thurs, and they had spaced out to 5-30 mins apart.more to come soon!

Thursday stressed me out, especially with the contrax slowing; i felt broken. Logically I knew nobody stayed pregnant forever, but emotionally I was a wreak. Friday was worse, practically no contrax, only sporadic BHing. 9 days 'overdue' now, I was living in the BIN group, consoling myself with women who'd been overdue, worried about my body failing me again, and whether my baby was ok. Iasked my midwife what I could do, b/c she mentione din passing how she was a bit concerned since I was now measuring 46 weeks, and even with the baby's head fully engaged in my pelvis, the feet were still able to kick my ribs, which is not normally happening.

I trolled for 'natural' ways to kick a stalled labor back into gear. I drank a bunch of carrot juice(eww), 2 Green Machine Naked Juices (mmm!), red rasp leaf tea by the bushel (boy was THAT a pain in the bum to find!) and finally took a specific set of homeopathic tincture pills 2x.

DH and I (in an effort to get my mind off labor and to get me relaxed) had 2 of our friends over on Friday night (like we normally do) to game with us. I started the 2nd set of pills at 8pm (had to take them every 30 mins for 4 hours, then wait 4 hours then start again) and in the middle of our Settlers of Catan game I started getting regular contractions again! They started coming closer, and it was getting so I had to stop what I was doing and squeeze whoevers shoulder was nearest ( lol, the boys were cool about it too, not entirely sure what to do b/c both are bachelors, but trying to be calm and not worried about me :D)I stayed awake (in case the sleeping was what stopped my Wednesday contrax :P) until 1:30am, when Larkette demanded I come to bed and nurse her, and I passed out. I woke up a few times randomly to contract and in the morning the (Saturday the 5th of June) the pangs were still strong and really regular and lasting about a minute long. I called my midwife and doula both at 7:09am and asked them to get over here. I walked around and around my apt, ate some Cheerios (mmm, cravings, lol) and took a shower. Nothing changed, I kept contracting throughout.My mom woke (she had been sleeping in Lark's playroom) and was excited! She prepped Lark's food and played with her so Randy could concentrate on me. Lark was totally chill with me contracting even though I was moaning and occasionally crying out. Then, the midwife, midwives assistant ,and doula arrived.Lark freaked b/c while she accepted Del (midwife), she hadn't seen Colleen (doula) enough to be calm around, and had never met Chris (MW ass't) ever. She needs to be approached slowly by strangers, while she resides in the safety of DH's or my arms.My mom took her out to the park around 9am (relatively soon after the posse arrived) as soon as my little brother could get there (b/c my mom couldn't lift Lark due to a bad back) (apparently my brother called my dad in arizona who hightailed it out here to so cali in under 3.5 hours! lol)will continue after getting both girls back to sleepOk, sorry it took 2 days to get back, but the teething thing was killing me, Lark didn't go down til 10pm and was up three times before 1am screaming in pain :(

So, I had been contracting regularly since 7am, every 1-3 minutes, and Randy had been there by my side for each one, so I could hang on him and he was just an excellent coach. What I didn't realize 'til later was that his being there so completely for me, meant that he'd neglected himself, no potty breaks, no drinking etc, and he was totalled by the end of the birth, which is why he vanished once Aria came out, and he kissed me and I got her latched on.

Anyways, I contracted painfully still at 9ish am, when Del (MW) and her assistant arrived and started inflating the birthing tub and getting the water heated (our water heater would've normally been turned up to expidite this, but we'd shoved the pantry in front of it ages ago and forgot to move it pre-birth, so we wound up comissioning all the cooking pots in the kitchen and heating them on the stove when the hot water ran out.).

Around 10am I got to go into the tub and it was AMAZING the difference it made, my contractions instantly went from sharp (pointy like spikes wrapped around my middle) and quick (aka can't tell when one is starting until it hits me hard) and painful (aka can't talk or move through it) to dull (like a slightly overtight belt) and slow (i could tell when one was coming and was able to switch position to the most comfy BEFORE it hit) and some didn't even hurt AT ALL.

I labored in the tub from 10am 'til about 5pm, floating and flipping back and forth and side to side. I ate a toasted peanut butter and jelly sandwich around 1pm, and had lots of water and tea and juice and red gatorade (only red, mmm). and talked about the tutoring swap and my sister's trip to Australia. Around 5pm the contractions got harder and I felt them more along my bum, like a pressure. I tried labouring in a squat out of the water and it SUCKED, so I dove back in.

Around 6pm the contractions were getting unbearable and I was growling at Randy to rub my hips during each one, but I kept switching positions so he couldn't find the same spot easily. My doula Colleen, and Chris, Del's assistant, poured water on me b/w contrax, and gripped my hands and let me use them as leverage when I was contracting.

Del, Colleen, Chris, and Randy all kept asking me if I felt like pushing, and the interesting thing is, I NEVER did. I never had the bearing down urge, but I was so tired by this time I started yelling during the contrax and pushing with all my might anyways. Del told me to try and empty my bladder b/c it was full and Aria couldn't get past.

I was taking breaks through some contrax at this point b/c i was so tired. I didn't want anyone touching me except Randy and kept yelling at poor Colleen and Chris when they tried to rub my arm or leg. I couldn't tell where/how close her head was and since I didn't feel the urge to push I was getting discouraged. Del then told me she could feel the head was descended and I gave about 3 hard pushes and Aria slipped out so fast NO ONE saw her being born, and the only pic the photog got was super fuzzy.coming soon: the aftermath, Lark woke screaming in teething pain again(even though this whole morning she was normal :( )As I pushed her fully out (hubby later told me) I screamed "I love you, Randy Miiller".....I'm glad b/c prior contrax I'd alternated b/w F you, moans, love you, and Get out Aria. Del immediately put Aria to my chest, and my mom and Lark came rushing out of the playroom 10 feet away. Everyone was crying except for me. The only time I cried was much earlier, when Del checked my dialation around 4pm (I wouldn't let her near me before then b/c I was terrified the ob and hospital were telling the truth when they told me at Lark's birth that I'd never dialate past 7cm and would always need a c/s pr baby would die or be in NICU b/c I was selfish) and she told me I'd dialated to 10, and was fully effaced and at a +1 station. I laughed through the next contractions in giddy delight.

Aria latched on within the first 3 minutes. My midwife checked me for tearing (none) and bleeding (very minimal) and informed me Aria'd been persistant posterior and had come out with the side of her head first, which was normally incredibly difficult/impossible to birth, except I apparently have a perfectly shaped pelvis :P

Everyone cleaned up and Randy and I took Lark into bed and put her down, then we came back out and my mom had ordered subway and we all had dinner together with Aria in a sling eating too :)

We all slept together for 10 hours that night :)Aria was 10lbs even, 22 inches long, born June 5th, 2010 at 7:09pm.My VBAC, homebirthed, waterbirthed baby :)


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